What makes you itch?

So, what would you really want to do with your life? What if money was no object? Would you do the same thing you are doing today? If yes; it's wonderful. Somehow though, many of us are not. Why? Because someone told us that the only logical way to live our life is to survive? If someone told you that you could be ANYTHING, would you do it?



We believe that if you do what you love, share what you do, you can live your life loving what you do. Is that realistic? Why shouldn´t it? Why should it be a privilege for a few chosen ones?


We are two artists that spend our spare time writing about things that inspire us because we think it is important to share your love for something. That is our love for life. We are taking our first steps working as independent artists. On this site however, we focus on what other people have given us, how other people have inspired our lives.


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This video sums it up:



(photo from Facebook. Art by Bansky)


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